The Dark Satan Lord let Lucifer stay home out of the goodness of his heart, and buys a computer for Lucifer. It takes much money. Maou asked him to gather up all the information about magic that exists in this world. Urushihara is the name of Lucifer in this world. Maou can’t believe his ability about PC, so they take a telephone call to Emi just for try. Urushihara would like to play online games but the speed was low. So Urushihara tells Maou that there was a forbidden classroom near them most likely candidate. The classroom is in one of the school’s defunct buildings. Apparently, you can hear whispering, laughter, and footsteps there at night. This may be a clue for magic in Hataraku Maou-sama episode 6. Finally they found that school was Chiho’s school. Maou and Alsiel ask Chiho to take them into school and go to the forbidden classroom. On their way, Emi comes out again and knows that they were scheming to gain some magic from that forbidden classroom. She wants to go together. While they arriving at the forbidden classroom, they even find a game console on the floor. Maou finally discovers that Urushihara do all this just for they could pick the game console up for him. They all very angry and consider to sell it out. When Maou goes back home, he found a girl outside their house and fall down stairs.
On the way to dump rubbish, Tsukune met three guys who are fans of Moka, Kurumu and Yukari. They hated Tsukune very much, as he is loved by those three girls. They were to hit Tsukune, while Yukari’s coming stopped them. After then, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari were always followed by those three guys. Tsukune felt sorry to them, as he is a human and he is not strong enough to protect them.
  Tsukune had been in Yokai Academy for a month, and there was no signal to call outside by telephone, so he tried to send letters to his family by bus in Rosario + Vampire Episode 4. Yukari saw him leaving school when she was cleaning. She ran to tell Moka and Kurumu in a hurry and they all thought that Tsukune would leave school forever. In order to bring back Tsukune, Kurumu flied to look for him with Moka and Yukari. 

The girl came to herself, and Shin asked her if she lost her memory. Shin said she must answer his question seriously, or she would be sent to the hospital in Amnesia Episode 3. Orion had said that she could not go to hospital no matter what happened on her, so she had to tell Shin that she almost remembered nothing when she woke up last time. 
  Shin said that he is her boyfriend and they knew each other since they were little. But they became lovers just three months ago. In order to treat her amnesia, Shin brought her to a room where she sung almost everyday before. What is more, Shin spoke out his love to her and kissed her there too. However, she still remembered nothing. Shin was anxious and he was going to kiss her again, but she refused Shin.

One day, Nanami saw her classmates hitting a white snake. Nanami saved it and released it outside. When Nanami came back, Tomoe found a mark on one of her arms. Tomoe told Nanami that the mark means engagement between her and that snake. In order to protect Nanami, Tomoe went to school with her after that day. 
  Tomoe was sleeping and then Nanami went outside alone that afternoon in Kamisama Hajimemashita Episode 4. The white snake named Mizuki came back school and took away Nanami. Tomoe woke suddenly with a start and he rushed out of the classroom soon to look for Nanami but only found Nanami’s notebook on the ground. Tomoe tried his best to look for Nanami but he failed. However, Tomoe did not give up and he saved Nanami at last.


Renji and Soichirou had ever been good friends, but they were sweet on the same girl named Kisou. In order not to break up their friendship, they appointed that neither of them could say “love” to Kisou until they found another “Kisou”. One day, Kisou was dead, and Renji was told that Kisou was killed to protect Soichirou. And he was also told that the killer gave a large sum of money to Soichirou to hide the truth. Soichirou took the money and said nothing after Kisou’s death. 
  In fact, that is really not the truth. We are told almost everything in Kami-sama no Memo-chou Episode 7. Kisou was a boss’ lover. The boss’ wife knew it and she killed Kisou angrily. Soichirou was there too and he was hurt to stop the boss’ wife. Soichirou tried his best to protect Kisou but he failed. 

Nanoka Kyuuma is a new student in Meguru Watase’s school and she is also good at swimming in Hatsukoi Limited Anime. Nanoka have known Meguru since they were in middle school and her dream was to beat Meguru at some swimming race. So as soon as Nanoka entered the high school, she showed up to challenge Meguru to a swimming race.
  At first, Meguru refused Nanoka because of her big chest. But when Gengorou Takei said that he likes girl who is the fastest in swimming, Meguru swam against Nanoka. However, Nanoka beat her in the race. After then, Meguru became unsure of herself, as the swimming speed was the only thing that she could be proud of for Meguru. When Takei told her that he likes big chest girl, Meguru joined back the swim club. 

Rea promises that she will do what her father wishes. Her father hates everyone who closes to Rea, especially boys, so he plans to hurt Furuya in Sankarea Anime. Rea is worried about Furuya and she ducks out to look for Furuya. The driver discovers her outside and calls her father. When Rea is on a bluff, her father arrives at too.
  Furuya is running after the cat to the cliff bottom. There he meets Rea and her father. When Rea’s father is pulling her, the cat climbs to the cliff. With a whip in his hand, her father is going to lacing into it. In order to save the cat, Rea falls off the cliff. Rea is dead, but a few seconds later, Rea comes back to life again with red eyes.

In order to know what happened on Chitanda’s uncle 45 years ago, they go to Chitanda’s house to discuss it. The house is very large, which shocks Houtarou and Fukube in Hyouka Anime. In Fukube’s opinion, as soon as they come in, maids there standing in a line will welcome them. However, when they knock the door, only Chitanda welcome them. 
  Mayaka was the first one who reached Chitanda’s home. Chitanda’s uncle dropped out of his school, but why other students viewed him as a hero 45 years ago. To which they discuss. Every one gives out his or her opinion, and then Houtarou’s is agreed by other three. Though it is solved, it still confuses Chitanda why she cried when told the truth by her uncle at that time.


Deidara can make animals with paper. As soon as these animals close to Gaara, they will bomb in Naruto Shippuden. However, when Gaara is dangerous, sand will protect him. So it is a fierce fighting between Deidara and Gaara.
Naruto says that Kakashi is cleverer than Shikamaru, uses “taijutsu” and “syaringan” better than Ri and other syaringan owners, so they must find out Kakashi’s weakness to win him and Naruto got it. Naruto and Sakura attack Kakashi front, at the same time, Naruto tells the ending of a book which Kakashi does not finish but likes very much. Kakashi covers his ears to ignore Naruto’s words, but syaringan can read lip language well, so he closes her eyes too. When he opens her eyes few minutes later, Naruto and Sakura hold bells. 

If Eikichi Onizuka wins the first place in the middle school simulation test, he can work on as a teacher, or he will be fired in GTO Anime. On the way to take the test, Onizuka sees that Hidemi Ohta is kidnapped by several men. Though it is the test day, he must save her from them. During the saving, three shots are fired at Onizuka, and he does not go to the hospital but takes Hidemi Ohta being in a coma to the school to take the test.

Onizuka finished all the tests in only an hour and then he is in a coma too. Hidemi’s parents go to school and ask the president not to fire Onizuka. However, the guidance director says that nothing will be changed until Onizuka wins the frist place in GTO Episode 15. At this time, a teacher breaks into the headmaster’s office and tells them that Onizuka comes out first.